Music, The universal Language

Before I studied music theory deeply, I used to want to be a linguist. I would study the structures and history of a languages, morphology and semantics. I even created my own language in order to teach myself some of the concepts but as time past, my interest in music continued and as I began to study more and more, music began looking almost synonymous to my linguistics teaching and this video reminded me of that. Enjoy this inspiring clip.

35 thoughts on “Music, The universal Language

  1. Cool video. I liked how the guitar player just ran with it and varied the flow. And this was an interesting point:

    “If we approach music in the same natural way we approached our first language, we would learn to speak it in the same short time it took to speak our first language…”

    The thing about attempting another language, be it through words or instruments, is that some people expect perfection (to be as natural as the first language), dislike mistakes, as the initial experiences are always unnatural. The discomfort sometimes leads one to abandon efforts overall. But it sucks to stop trying, doesn’t it?

    So indeed, that was inspiring to watch. Thanks.

    1. Interesting insight thanks for sharing. I dont see mistakes as something to be deleted. When I compose something that doesntsound ‘right’ i dont think that i made a mistake i say that I misplaced placed a note. theres are no wrong notes just notes in the wrong order.

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  3. what you say is so interesting, because language ability is located in one area of the brain, while music is located in a different area, and the brain perceives music as mathematics (it compares the notes and the differences between notes just like we compare numbers!) i love that you wanted to write your own language!

  4. that’s great! loved it! and everything you said is so trueee, I love language, well anything to do with communication/expression, your viewpoint is really interesting though!
    and thanks for the follow btw! andd seeing as I have a astrology blog, what’s your sign? 😀

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