Grammar Party Friday on Monday O.o

Here’s a 30 sec theme  I made for my high school’s English teacher’s ‘Grammar Party Fridays’ Hopefully, She’ll use them in her classes :3



13 thoughts on “Grammar Party Friday on Monday O.o

  1. Cool dragon picture.

    I like the little theme clip. I kind of chuckled because–being a bit of an English nerd–I imagined skipping down the sidewalk with a notebook and pencil in hand, like “Yaay! Grammar Party Friday!” lol. Yeah, I’m cheesy. But I also hope the teacher will use it in her classes.

    1. Right I hope she uses it in a class too. It would feel epic to have a composition aid in the education of the future generation. It’s not cheesy, I’m on the bus all the time fist pumping and head nodding to this…I will admit i do get many awkward glances lol

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