Academy of Combat Arts OST (Main Theme)

He is a little preview to the main theme for the upcoming rpg I’m making if you haven’t already check out this past post for pics of what i have so far  So without further delay “Price-tag of 1000 Choices”


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Dont forget about!

Radikal Nation Official website

Philosopher’s Stone EP on iTunes

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Philosopher’s Stone EP on Spotify


10 thoughts on “Academy of Combat Arts OST (Main Theme)

  1. Very cool! Love it. Memorable, but just present enough that you could listen to it a thousand times, and the drum beat is cool. The only thing I hear is just a bit of distortion on the snare in a couple of places.

  2. rjl2727

    hey man, this is not what i usually listen to, but i dig it, and that’s no lie. thanks for your work and i’ll be listening to some more. cool stuff. bob

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