Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm

Expressed By: James Revels III

She makes my marshmellow heart soggy;

Seeing Stars;

Sweets as Oats,

Smells like love cause she’s my Lucky Charm.

You’re one of a kind, not of a general mill.

Taxes paid in seconds passing like the money federal steals.

Can’t stomach lactose bros, I’m your edible milk.

You stand tall by my side with with your head over heels;

But when alone you are heels over head.

Love sick;

Couldn’t cure unless I take pills to death.

Hit your g spot like abusive treble clefs;

Drop the bass into place and you’re hitting high notes.

You’re Cosmic,

Outer space;

Eyes deep as universes.

Chart your milky way till you super nova; star bursting

Contradictory Love.

You tell me how you hate the way we hug cause it’s like tantra;

Border lining lust.

The Inspiration.

The inspiration of this poem comes from my recent trip to Buffalo, NY. I was at Erie Canal. I was asked once what does love smell like. There was a general mills factory across street and it smelled lie sweet lucky charms and rest is history,

ALSO, need help grounding yourself in a good mood and motivated to reach new height? Take two small minutes of your time to listen to my newest track “Here & Now”. An Avant Garde instrumental layered with great quotes from Alan Watts with a little flair added. Hope you enjoy have a great day!


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