EARGASM OF THE DAY – Nothing stopping us

surprisingly a good song insirational gets me ready for work


2 thoughts on “EARGASM OF THE DAY – Nothing stopping us

  1. Check it out…last week, I stopped to get some gas in the car one evening. I pulled into a Mobil station in the urban edges of Santa Clarita valley…figures I’d get behind a dude just starting to pump..the pump beside me was out of order…he was sorta taking his time…I was a bit more in a hurry… so I backed up after a few minutes once I saw him make a move to go inside the store…I pumped my gas at a different pump then I went into the store for a coke…the guy behind the counter is all excited and jumping around he says to me “DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS???!!!” I said, no. “LL COOL J!!! AND HE TIPPED ME A $20!!!” I laughed and said something about loving LLCoolJ and that he’s from MY generation, lol.
    What do you think of that? Crazy or what?

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