10 thoughts on “NEW TRACK: Foreboding Calm

  1. I like it @ timestamp; 1:40 onward in song 4. Foreboding Calm. I guess the build up is good but I was going to completely overlook it till I skipped ahead.

      1. haha you right it is pretty much the end of the song. I liked it. Listened to it a few more times. Ultimately I like it. I am an impatient guy sometimes when it comes to my music. I want satisfaction in the first 15 seconds 😛

      2. My passion is the arts and using art as a mechanism to fight for social justice. I focus a lot of my energy into the Mental Health community. Volunteer, Peer Support, Fundraising. My goal is to use my talents and fulfill my dream of becoming a successful social enterprise. I’ll tell ya the rest when I get there lol.

      3. So far how is that going have you volunteered anywhere? My passion is to expose the world to science art and math and eventually create a network of artists, musicians etc that freely collab with each other doing project or sharing knowledge. So far audiosexxx helps with first and the 2nd is small but slowly building

      4. Yep, I have volunteered at many community based programs. Food Banks, soup kitchens, I used to teach computer skills to people with special needs and the computer illiterate. Improve their ability to access to government programs that have been moved online. Same place I did the computer training, is Artheart. Located in Toronto, ON I also volunteered in their arts program sharing my experience and assisting with social justice projects. I shortly mentored there under artist Sandy Wong.
        I moved back to Halifax about a year ago and since then I’ve been volunteering at Connections Halifax. Its a clubhouse for persons with mental health issues, they offer job services and housing. In house psychiatrist, social workers, nurses. They run two social enterprises and I assist them in any capacity I can but my primary function is to assist with their art program. I volunteer for a youth arts program called The Spot also. It’s a collective with professional and successful mentors that can assist with collaboration, promotion… I stay pretty busy 🙂

        I like what you got going down. There are a lot of art collectives out there… I guess you could say the same for social enterprises. Whats your spin? Whats gonna make you the weapon of choice and attract the audience. Is your model profit driven?

      5. Wow that’s impressive. I wish I had time to do all that. Target keeps me busy. My weapon of choice will be cooperation and mutual benefit. I believe that working together and networking is the key to success for any artist in any field due to idea and audience mixing. Audiosexxx is a way how I help other artists “mix” with my audience and in return the audience finds art they might not be able to find through traditional mainstream means. The model isn’t profit based its more network based. Its mainly to connect people of multiple disciplines to throw around ideas and possibly team up for projects which they can choose to sell for profits depending on what the parties involved want to do. I even embody this non for profit based philosophy motive in my own music. the banner on my bandcamp page says “all songs are free just enter 0 when it asks for price” I think that if people feel your craft and your passion they will donate or pay for commissions in order to help the movement grow.

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