Two Types of People

Short Speech by: James Revels III


There are two types of people in this world.

Those who are living the dream and those who dream of living.

The latter are the has beens, posers, and wannabes; the anxious, fearful and unmotived as well as the melodramatics, the prima donnas and the drama queens.

The former type, however, are the legends, innovators, and future leaders; the poised, fearless, ambitious as well as the joyful, the grateful, and the leaders of destiny.

The factor that distinguishes the types is one simple word….Reality. A person who dreams of living doesn’t acknowledge reality, They constantly fight or ignore the truth. They make excuses when they are fully capable. They find problems where there are none and refuse to embrace the truth that they can take control of their own lives. 

A person who is living the dream acknowledges reality in all its glory. They try all options before calling quits, even then failure doesn’t stop them. They appreciate what’s good, wherever it may be and fix problems whenever they find them and finally, they refuse to believe the lie that cicumstance dominates a person’s entire life.

So which side are you on? The answer is both. No one is perfect, but ask yourself this as you close your eyes to sleep tonight.

Are you one step closer to waking up to your dream life or waking up from a dream of life.

3 thoughts on “Two Types of People

  1. you spoiled my righteous indignation at the end there you jerk. something along the lines of, and the third types the ones who would stab a homeless paranoid schizophrenic in the eye and pat themselves on the back for it – you’re no better than the sellers of ‘the secret’

    1. lol 1) I’m actually better that the secret because I’m not selling this work (As a matter of fact I don’t even sell any of my music unless a person wants to use that music to make profit or they donate) 2) This isn’t a condemnation of one type of ppl or praise of the other type. This is just like a dictionary entry, it just describes what I believe to be true. No one is perfect and has the potential to be the next Hitler or the next Steve Jobs. Its all about which direction your steps are towards each day 3) “A person who dreams of living doesn’t acknowledge reality…They find problems where there are none” – Myself. Thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts.

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