10k Challenge

(Play song below while reading it’s related trust.)

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am back in Dayton, Ohio. I enjoyed Buffalo immensely and it made me realize…I LOVE travelling.

After I graduated High School, I wanted to become a modern day nomad. I would travel from place to place every several months living off my music, but at the time I was too young and inexperienced and eventually gave up on it.

Fast forward 3 years later, I rediscovered the notebook where I drafted my nomad plans. Now, that I’m more mature, target doesn’t mind transferring my job to other location, and I don’t have any children or girlfriend to worry about, ( just saying ladies ;p) I decided now is the best time to pursue my travel plans. Except, this Β doesn’t come cheap.

So I devised the 10K CHALLENGE. If you were to save $100 a week it will take about 25 months to reach $10,000. This is the minimum amount I want saved before I start my journey…Actually…my journey begins now…starting with this challenge. Wish me luck!



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