10k challenge – Pruning

When most people move they think about what they need to buy. Curtains, toilet paper etc. I’m Going to do it opposite and think of what I need to get rid of. Well after taking inventory all I really own is notebooks, books, clothes and music equipment. So, notebooks and books take up over 50% of what I own! Most notebooks are blank or nearly blank and all I own is about 2+ tubs of non fiction on subjects from art to html to calculus. My question is what should I do with all these books especially notebooks. (Also be ready for some posts with pics of throwbacks from my old notebooks)


7 thoughts on “10k challenge – Pruning

  1. Unwanted books can go to the library if you are feeling generous. If not, they will probably be worth something at a used book store – just don’t expect much.

    Those blank notebooks? Fill ’em up! Words, sketches, ideas, what ever. Even old receipts – like a daily planner – will make suitable use of them. Never get rid of old notebooks. Too useful. And once full? Well, then you can go back and re-evaluate if the value is worth keeping or using for other uses – like fire starting.

    1. The library sounds great but most of the books are from sales the library has 3times a year so I dont think they want them back lol the saving full notebooks ideas was what got me where I am now. I have notebooks as far back as 4th grade of poetry and sketches lol I have a large tote small tote and a couple book bags filled with notebooks alone 😦 the bon fire idea sounds like best option right now

      1. Ah. Then save the paper items for when it gets a bit cooler – that way they can still serve a purpose if they are that far out of current-day knowledge updates. At least on the books. For the notebooks, any chance of digitizing them, and polishing for publication?

      2. Most of the poetry notebooks are digitized on this blog or my former blog. The evolution of eloquence. I am working on a poem, short story collection called “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” but most of my poems are love themed when I looking for time themed pieces. Thinking of turning my music theory/acoustics notes in a short book as well

  2. Nobody wants your books, or mine for that matter. I’ve got hundreds that will end up being not sold at library sales for $1 a piece, and then being sent off to be shredded and recycled.


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