Jimi Hendrix Week day 1

So I recently scienced a friend about Jimi Hendrix, posted it on facebook and a lot of comments were like “who?” So I dedicated this next week on educating you on his catalogue. First up is in from the storm. This is my favorite song main because of the guitar solo. It speaks to me. What your fav hendrix song?

Jimi Hendrix – In From The Storm (1971): http://youtu.be/6Nq3WEjeifM


16 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix Week day 1

      1. He was left handed and he accomplished a lot in a short time frame. What I also found interesting is that the day of the Woodstock he was super late and people stayed and waited on him to perform

  1. I like most Hendrix recordings, with a preference for the earlier recordings, the posthumous recordings were touched up by two British guitarists, who claimed that Hendrix was moving in a new heavier direction. By Woodstock Hendrix had already moved away from the Experience sound, and was trying new things, however I am not convinced that he was turning to a heavier sound. Just before his death he was recording songs with Steve Stills, who was playing bass, and harmonizing with Hendrix, which sounds more folk rock to me, rather than heavy. I would like to hear these tracks as the two of them recorded, without all the input by these others. Love his version of Dylan’s Like a rolling Stone and all along the watch tower, which dedicated to Dylan’s grand mother! Thanks for shearing, all the best Charles.

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