10k challenge – select sound studio

10k challenge – save 100 dollars a week for 2 years and that will amount to 10,000 bucks. I am currently past week 6.

Today I called “select sound studio” the studio I want to get certified at when I move to buffalo 2 years from now. I got a quote on classes. There are 6 classes 750 each or you can pay for all classes at once for 4,500. If you pay for all at once, they say those students usually get first pick at internships so im opting for the full package, but the thing is I was going to pay rent 6 months in advance at apartment. Which means
Average buffalo rent = 800 x 6 months = 4800 + 4500 (for classes) = 9300. Yikes! That’s practically all I will have saved up.  So I decided my next album will be a fundraiser to help offset school funds.

I plan revealing album title concept in a week or two, just doing some revising. Ive already recorded a day or two ago so expect that to be released mid to late November. Stay tuned for up dates.


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