James Unedited – Introduction

In order to attempt to become more active on Youtube here’s an introduction video to my one take unedited videos in order save on video production time since I work full time at Target.


6 thoughts on “James Unedited – Introduction

  1. Wish u the best of lucks! And one thought… what if you look for tutorials on the internet or the library and stuff to learn ur stuff and then spend the money to produce your first album or project? Just an idea… 🙂

    1. Thanks for encouragement. Also I’ve spent 5 years learning via internet been recording and composing since age 16 and now im looking for the credentials and anything that will fill knowledge gaps. Also this isnt the first album. its just after year I take my projects off itunes etc. In order to become free to the masses on jamesrevelsiii.bandcamp.com.

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