James Revels – math tutor?

Yesterday I saw my 6th grade math teacher. I live across the street from the school named Valerie elementary, its where I first learned to read sheet music. She told me how she needs assistance tutoring her kids in math. Im off every monday so I decided to use that time to tutor started tomorrow. Hope that goes well

8 thoughts on “James Revels – math tutor?

  1. Y’know it’s funny how much you and my James have in common. When he was in Jr. High, he had a very stubborn Math teacher – her way or the highway, and if you didn’t “get it” you were SOL. Fast forward to this week’s Parent/Teacher conference. First person we saw was his Algebra teacher and he said, “James has a 100.4% A+ average. He participates in class and is simply awesome.” So I’m really proud of you both! I think you will make a fine Math tutor. Just took me many words to say it 🙂

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