“Farewell” set to drop November 30th!

Today’s the day! “Farewell”, the first single of of my upcoming album “A,000,000 Miles” is a track is about me leaving my hometown of 20 years, Dayton, Ohio to start my journey of a million miles. It includes unique electronic production and passionate, poetic lyrics that tug the heart strings of all who listen. Don’t just take my word for it! The first 25 people to email me @ jrevelsiii@gmail.com with subject line “Farewell Download Code” will receive a code that allows a FREE EARLY download of “Farewell” as soon as you get this cod . Act fast before they are all gone!

If you choose to wait until November 30th, “Farewell” will be available on my bandcamp page for $1, as well as, iTunes and for free streaming on Spotify. All proceeds go toward audio engineering tuition and living expenses for when I move to buffalo. (See:About Author for details) So support local music, Thanks for your time and stop by and say hello tome at one of the links below.




“A,000,000 Miles” (Pronounced: A Million Miles) is an album depicting how I envision the future as I pursue my dreams of traveling the world. I intend the album to be the soundtrack to my trips. A majority of the songs will be 5+ minutes long, making it ideal for long car rides, even including an over ten minutes long finale. With a unique balance of lyrics, including original poetry, and creative instrumentation. “A,000,000 Miles” is a musical expedition exploring the four corners of the ear.

Farewell single art made by Stephen Houston
Farewell single art made by Stephen Houston

17 thoughts on ““Farewell” set to drop November 30th!

  1. When you travel, be sure to do a tour of Europe, all the really cool art museums. There used to be what was called “youth hostels” where if you are under 30 years old, you have a free place to sleep free of charge. I am not sure if that still exists. It is worth looking into. Unfortunately , I did not have myself together enough when I was that age to take advantage of them. Wishing you success, from ted in bloomington, indiana

      1. Yeah, you are dayton right? All I can say really is
        GO BUCKS! My family is from Belmont County,Ohio.
        I do not know if you like football at all, if so, my feeling is that JT Barett is better than Braxton Miller..I grew up in Indiana, spent most summers in Ohio..I guess you could call me a misplaced Buckeye..I checked out 15 tracks of yours, I really enjoy all the intelligent rhymes. At some point I may try to comprehend what you called a mathematical approach to music as Escher did with art. I grew out of enjoying Escher and surrealism, for me that was just a phase..hope you go far!

      2. Yes im in dayon im more into nfl (Steelers fan sorry about what we did to the Colts) which track stood out most to you? As for the Escher influence I like my music to evolve as opposed to loop like most mainstream verse chorus songs do. For instance notice how the pentagons in Escher picture slowly “walk” outward to evolve into reptiles. Ill have to do a post in future going more in depth but my the instrumental for farewell demonstrates this best. If you email me at jrevelsiii@gmail ill send you download code when I get of work tonight so you can get sneak preview

  2. lolaandlemon

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  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog, James! I am also a photographer so I love supporting musicians and artists through the articles I write. Stop by anytime and if you have questions, by all means, ask. I will be sure to take a listen to some of your music!

  5. Awesome that you are pursuing your dreams! Best of wishes on your endeavor. It sounds like you are off to a great start! I wish I had that kind of talent. Thank you also for following my blog. I really appreciate it!

    1. You’re welcome and thanks for leaving such a great comment. As for not having the talent. Talent is overrated, practiced and refined skills are underrated. Although a special few have inborn talent, anyone can practice, become skilled to run rings around the talented. (Hmmm sound like a blog post in the making lol) have a good day!

  6. Good luck with your journey. I haven’t listened yet to your songs but I am looking forward to hearing it. Happy holidays to you and everyone close to you, hope that you can make it to the end with joy and laughter more than tears and sadness.

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