Poll: Your Favorite Album?

I’ve been curious about this for a long time. What is everyone’s favorite release of mine? I know what some of you are thinking “You shouldn’t care what people think, you should just do you.” Well, that’s true, but it’s nice to know what people think so as an artist I can see what techniques worked well with conveying my story and emotions. (If that reason doesn’t satisfy you the 4th option in the poll is for you haters :p) For those of you who don’t know I have 3 full electronic, experimental albums in, order they are “Our Beautiful Existence” (2012), “Philosopher’s Stone” (2013) and Karo “Tosen” (2013) Below is a sampler and brief explanation of each album.


“Our Beautiful Existence” is my first release. Released in May  2012 it is more orchestral than electronic, but is still very much experimental.The album explores the beauty of being alive and is a soundtrack meant to uplift and make people feel good while listening. “Emerald Sunshine” is a beautiful, light hearted piano based composition  accompanied by strings and marimba, it’s one of my favorite songs to make and listen to.


“Philosopher’s Stone” is my 2nd release and the first release to have been on iTunes.(decided not to renew album when it broke even and sales declined, so it now resides bandcamp for free download). This album is a little more grungy and aggressive. It features way more electronic elements as I was learning how to program synths and make composition with majority of original instrumentation. Below is “Crown Chakra” it’s by far my most popular song to date with  1000+ plays. Its also my favorite from this project due to it’s deep, punch bass, the thick,  unique synths and the sax at the end.


“夏炉冬扇 Karo Tōsen (Summer Heater, Winter Fan)” is my most recent and 3rd release. Karo Tosen means “summer heater, winter fan”, a Japanese idiom for something out of place and out of season, which the whole album is odd and unique and doesn’t fit a “genre” in my eyes. It’s also a tribute to my Japanese roots, my grandmother was japanese. It contains heavy electronic elements, but also includes a couple spoken word and hip hop elements, as well as 3 improvised songs that I composed in real time on my midi keyboard. “Attention World” is my favorite song from Karo Tosen because when I first announced Karo Tosen I wanted the bloggers help with naming a song and the post was title “Attention World” and gregorykochan  said I “already named it”  but ended up making “Right as Rain (dedicated to Dahni Hayden)  and  “Attention World” the opening track.

Hope you enjoyed exploring the past catalog. Thanks for listening and the support of the years!

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