Target + James Revels III Composer?

So today I was feeling bold and posted the message below to Target’s Facebook page, Click there, look at the column on the left under “videos” is the section “posts to page”, my post should be near the top, you should like & especially comment on that post maybe it will get their attention. With almost 12,000 followers (right now 11,900 :D) we should be able to send a clear message to them. What do you say are you with me!!!??? (Never Mind they deleted the post, we will make em regret that in the future by having them come to my facebook page asking for endorsement! lol)

“This is a long shot, but here goes. I’ve been a Target Cashier for 3 years and love my job currently at Dayton South Target in Ohio, but my dream job is audio engineering/sound design which I have been studying independently for 5 years, but school isn’t cheap and I don’t believe in loans, so I decided to spend the next two years saving $200 per paycheck and will end up with $10,000 in order to move to Buffalo, NY (I used to work at your Amherst store, those renovations are nice!) If you’re willing to support this #alexfromtarget fellow for blowing up just cause teen girls think he was hot enough to make into a meme, I hope will support a team member with their passion/dreams. Below is a video I made after work mid October introducing myself and my basic plan. I hope to send you an email with an mp3 of “Farewell”, my single which will be on iTunes November 30th, in order to tell me what you think.”

Target boldness


10 thoughts on “Target + James Revels III Composer?

  1. Put your goal on a big board with big writing so everyone can really see your progress. Tell us, is it hard to save like this. Any tricks that help you. Any advice for others trying to do this. Temptations? Struggles? Or is it just easy? Do you live with your parents? Do they support you in this. How can a kid working at Target save so much money. Tell us more.

    You did ask for advice, and I studied broadcast once upon a time.

    1. Yeah I live with parents, my tip throw the money immediately in the savings account and don’t touch for anything. So far only struggles are balancing for food and fun for two weeks until next check. They support me and how can kid from target save this much, don’t have kids, or girlfriend or debt. Only bill I have is a phonebill and bus pass. My life’s pretty dull most of time im either at home making music or at work making money….going to take this and organize it for the video im making friday for reaching my first thousand 🙂

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