Audio SeXXX gets make over!

Just revamped the visual theme, the side bar and upcoming projects page, as well as adding a discography page. let me know what you think of the new format


11 thoughts on “Audio SeXXX gets make over!

  1. ichibon

    How goes it?
    Maybe, you should say “hello” and not bid farewell? Good stuff. Listened (partially) to the audio of one selection, then to the re-vamped page, good stuff as well. I wish for you success in your adventure of 1M miles (quite the aspiration), and the future education in audio rendering. And, thanks for the follow.


      1. ichibon

        True; you should bid adios to family and friends, even enemies, as they may become “fans” in the near future (I place a measure of faith in your accomplishing the desired goal).
        Things here are good, cold, but good.


      2. ichibon

        I prefer the isles of Hawaii, as having been stationed there during my stint in the Air Force. Yep, the gals are most lovely (military as well) . . . ha.


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