Great YouTube idea?

Some time ago I read the books “mastery” and “outliers” they mentioned a concept about obtaining mastery. They say it takes 5 years or 10,000 hours of practice to gain mastery of skill.This year is my th uear composing music (started at 16 I am now 21) and A year ago I attempted to log my hours of practice but after a while Id hop into practice and forget to add start times and end times because id be too into the work. So I decided to log my hours with a playlist of videos on YouTube recording as I make music in Reason. I think this is a Good way for people to see my skill progression as I save money for school then see the changes after I attend classes. What do you think

4 thoughts on “Great YouTube idea?

  1. It’s a good idea. You might get critical feedback and good encouragement too. Don’t let any negative comments or trolls put you off though. You can map your progression before and after. I think the 10000 hours rule is pretty logical. Basically, what it refers to is that the more you repeat something you build muscle memories e.g. Playing a flute or drums. You develop an instinctive reaction when you play regularly because you do it so often you don’t even think about it. We walk, run, jump, sit, etc. without even thinking about it but it is simply because we have developed that muscle memory which allows us to perform certain tasks without even thinking about it. This also applies to the way we pick up certain cognitive tasks such as learning maths or a new language. We build neural pathways on our brains which helps us to become more competent the more we practise those tasks. I recommend it. I have seen the change in my own writing now compared to then. When I read my earlier works, I cringe at my own naivety and lack of awareness. Good luck in your endeavours.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful insight. You’re right screw trolls why they are hating I’m busy practicing and as for writing I experienced the same I look at my old poetry and raps and think to myself “I was ass cheeks at writing” but in 10 grade I wrote 4 notebooks full of poetry and noticed huge difference by the end I was writing sonnets in iambic pentameter and complex rhyme schemes with ease. You should link me or email me some of your work.

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