27 thoughts on “Apparently I’m not as liked as I thought

  1. 😦 aaww. Brush it off, despite the sting it may bring. We cant please everyone, cant be liked by everyone, no matter how hard we try. Your fans and followers are in there for the long haul! 😀

  2. shanechall

    That person’s blog is now private, meaning most people can’t see it. Sounds to me like someone wanted to have a selective blog following and misunderstood how WordPress works.
    But hey, you have sex in your blog name so maybe it was a strict family blog or something.

    1. I found it funny tho. Probably was I dont remember what the blog was Ive read and followed so many blogs since last year when it was posted. Oh well apparently someone visited my site via that link thats how I found out it existed. Thanks for comment.

  3. Ha ha ha! Wow! I especially love the comment where a user said that it wasn’t fair that they weren’t allowed to pick and choose their followers, it should be a right. WWW stands for World Wide Web! The law can only go so far to protect your rights when you so easily give them up posting on any form of social media. If she doesn’t want any followers, or wants to be picky with them…then I think she should have chose to voice her opinion elsewhere besides a site known for blogging. I will gladly accept you as my follower!

    Happy Espressing!
    Candle Renee

  4. Poor old fella’s probably horrified:

    ‘Finally, sound financial advice for the brethren. Ahh, I see I have my first follower, who can it be? Audio…s…e…..oh by Jehosepha, Margaret call the authorities.’

      1. I call it comedy – though the occasional misery piece slips through. But I’ll have to settle down and listen to your music first of all, y’know – it’s your blog, rules are rules :). I just sit around and wait for sub-editors to reply mainly. I got a piece published yesterday but it’s a bit sad.

      2. Oh I never considered you might be twelve. I pictured a musical intellectual, around about thirty: he plays jazz guitar, whilst I myself project a new life as a promoter-svengali of the avante-garde scene. Incredible, the visuals a mind assembles with the assistance of the 4 millimetre square avatar. I must say, I look pretty good at that size. All the best, I’ll scroll through wordpress with you as my background music if it’s allowed – no cash available as yet…give me two years. 🙂

      3. Im not twelve lol its more like 21 and on minimum wage two years to years ill realistically have enough for Audio engineering classes. It fine, also mostly every thing is name your price on my site. So if you enter zero for price youll get free download

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