Farewell Lyrics Video!!! (Available on iTunes and Spotify Nov. 30th)

Lyric video for the single “Farewell” from upcoming album
“A,000,000 Miles”. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Bandcamp on November 30th

Today’s the day! “Farewell”, the first single of of my upcoming album “A,000,000 Miles” is a track is about me leaving my hometown of 20 years, Dayton, Ohio to start my journey of a million miles. It includes unique electronic production and passionate, poetic lyrics that tug the heart strings of all who listen. Don’t just take my word for it! The first 10 people to email me @ jrevelsiii@gmail.com with subject line “Farewell Download Code” will receive a code that allows a FREE EARLY download of “Farewell” . Act fast before they are all gone!

If you choose to wait until November 30th, “Farewell” will be available on my bandcamp page for $1, as well as, iTunes and for free streaming on Spotify. All proceeds go toward audio engineering tuition and living expenses for when I move to buffalo. (See:About Author for details) So support local music, Thanks for your time and stop by and say hello tome at one of the links below.

“A,000,000 Miles” (Pronounced: A Million Miles) is an album depicting how I envision the future as I pursue my dreams of traveling the world. I intend the album to be the soundtrack to my trips. A majority of the songs will be 5+ minutes long, making it ideal for long car rides, even including an over ten minutes long finale. With a unique balance of lyrics, including original poetry, and creative instrumentation. “A,000,000 Miles” is a musical expedition exploring the four corners of the ear.


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