Leaf Art by Lorenzo Manuel Durán

Art made using a leaf! This is sooo cool


Lorenzo Manuel Duran Silva (45) is a self-taught Spanish artist who creates intricate leaf designs. While many would view a pile of leaves as, well, just a pile of leaves, Lorenzo imagines the artistic potential in even the most ordinary of leaves.
Originally an oil painter, Durán became inspired to make his delicate sculptures after observing a caterpillar chomping its way through a leaf. His fragile, intricate works of art are created using a surgical scalpel and a whole lot of patience and care.
Most of the leaves used are sourced from near his home in Cáceres, Spain.

Translation of the original text on this piece titled “Desde dentro” (“from inside”): “We may keep on trying, we may continue arranging it all outside, but we won’t have succeeded until we have done it from inside.”

Website : Lorenzo M. Durán

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