Pyromaniac Productions: The big picture

So, with “Farewell””s release 3 days away I want to present you with my big picture dream. Pyromaniac Productions. It’s an idea for a record label I’ve had since high school, but since then it has transformed into something much more.


Pyromaniac Productions is a business interested in music production and education. The name stemming from the fire we wish to ignite in the heart of musicians and music enthusiasts alike, using teaching centers, libraries, and music produced through Pyromaniac Productions.


  • Produce successful, yet unique music from signed artists
  • Music education resources including, but not limited to, the library of Alexandria for music, music tutors, seminars and classes. Music centers with instrument lab.

If you’d like more info or would like to help email me at

Pyromaniac Production updates will be posted on this page.

Click here for upcoming projects

Pyromaniac Productions first single “Farewell” to be released on iTunes and Spotify on November 30th. Watch the lyric video below and tell me what you think.





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