Merry Thanksgiving

In honor of thanksgiving I created this music video for a song I made last “Here & Now”. It’s a song featuring vocal samples from Alan Watts and meant to help ground you in the Here & Now. Since I’m going to be busy  at work due to the family-less people who want to shop on Thursday (We open at 6pm instead of 8 this year ughhh), I’m dropping this a day early. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! What I’m grateful for is you guys 😀

Don’t forget to visit the new site I made outlining my dream for Pyromaniac Productions

Also don’t forget November 30th Farewell drops on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play!

7 thoughts on “Merry Thanksgiving

  1. Great stuff! You are really coming along, aren’t you? Good for you…you will go far I can tell!
    As for you having to work on T-Day, that really sucks. It is the retail industry who want people to go shopping on this day, not the shoppers. Shoppers go because they are watching the few dollars they have and are in no way able to turn those Black Friday prices down…retailers have become so desperate to fulfill their projected earnings estimates to their stockholders and raise enough revenue for the coming quarter they simply must be this aggressive to out-compete other retailers…it’s a sick and twisted aspect of the capitalist market.
    In addition to stockholder expectations, the retailers have to move the inventory and hope like hell they can squeeze as much profit out as possible, to make the year-end bottom-line… especially in this stagnant economy.
    It stinks when money trumps the priority (supposed to be — and once was THE priority) of spending quality time with the folks you love…cuz once the folks are gone, you are only left with the memories of the good times you had together…and no amount of money can ever buy that.

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