Modern Tragedy featuring James Revels Composer!

So, An acquaintance of mine, Jesse Magill,  needed some music fast for his short film because his last composer was taking his sweet time. So, he hit me up for help and of course James Revels Composer came to the rescue!!! I let him use a couple songs (embedded below) for the film score and here it is. My debut as film composer *Puts on Cool Shades* Watch it! Love it! Share it!

The songs in the film in order of appearance

Ocean Watching

Watching Stars Dance

Defeat!(A War has Begun)

3 thoughts on “Modern Tragedy featuring James Revels Composer!

      1. Entirely my pleasure, dear James. I believe that being on ‘social’ sites of any kind means exactly that… not just giving a little star here and there, if any, without bothering to look at and evaluate the ‘other’s’ work and/or sharing anywhichway possible … 😉 You keep up the good work… it always brings rewards 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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