Live, Love, Never Regret!

This morning I woke up early and made this in Photoshop. What do you thinkLive Love Never RegretLike motivational pictures like this? Well I created a music video to help people bring their mind to the here and now and think about their dreams. You should watch and listen! Here it is!

4 thoughts on “Live, Love, Never Regret!

  1. I like the photoshop work. I think the upper 2/3 of the piece are more visually appealing than the whole piece, but that’s partly because it is checkered in the upper 2/3 and not in the bottom 1/3. I like the colour pallet, but think if you stay with the checkered thing, to go with that awesome light purple and (maybe) a light red-ish purple to oppose it. Just my thoughts and feedback. Your choice of images is inspired. I’d like to see an image with “never regret” in the same vein as the other images.

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