Can you handle a tease?

If you guys leave 10 comments on this post, I’ll upload a teaser for my book trailer, “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. I plan on releasing the full trailer the 1st week of February.  For those who don’t know I’m releasing a poetry book titled “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. It even comes with its own soundtrack! You should check that out on March 30th when it is set to be released.


Yesterday's Tomorrow front Cover (Click for link to my official website)
Yesterday’s Tomorrow front Cover (Click for link to my official website)

22 thoughts on “Can you handle a tease?

      1. Akinyi

        It’s simple really, you’re a free verse kind of poet, us English students like paying attention to “types of poets”. I promise I’m literally going to live in anticipation of your sonnets.

      1. not sure if you got my previous reply as my laptop shut down in the middle of it…so try again: I looked up the time conversion and worked that out to be midnight for me….not sure if my eyes will make it till that late, may need matches!

  1. thecakerierm

    Lol, this is sounding REALLLLLLLLY good, I look forward to seeing your wonderful work, thanks for stopping by in my space too, I truly appreciate it.

      1. thecakerierm

        Yes I looked at it, and got to check out the others on your youtube page. Your message is certainly powerful – indeed, I will not give up on what I’ve set out to, as I also hope you won’t also, we need a lot more of your music. Keep it flowing.

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