“Word Origins” Coming Soon!

Right now I’m working on a series of short videos called “Word Origins.” In the videos I briefly define a word and explore it’s etymology. I plan on posting the first episode today. So be on the look out.

Be on the look out for Word Origins Video
Be on the look out for Word Origins Video

EDIT: The First Episode is Out Guys! Word Origins – Music. Hope you enjoy!

7 thoughts on ““Word Origins” Coming Soon!

  1. Statik

    This is VERY interesting and I hope I can stay tuned to all of the vids. I know I am not the only person who sits back and sometimes wonders “Where did the word ***** come from?”. I always think like, who had it in their mind to call a stack of binded pages a BOOK?

      1. Statik

        OH and for some reason I can’t post on your Youtube vid…but I always wanted to know where the words ALIBASTER and BOURGEOISE came from.

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