Sampling in Music: Creativity or Robbery?

So sampling. Yeah I get a fair amount of request from people to make instrumentals that include samples of famous (copywrtitten) sound bites from TV shows, songs, etc and I am like “No!”. I’m not against sampling, which is using sounds from another source to use in music. I am against lazy sampling. Lazy sampling is where the producer just takes a clip from a famous song and just loops it. Adding maybe a fatter bass line or slightly pitch shifting but you still know where it came from. Examples of sampling I hate. Dance (Ass) by Big Sean, Anaconda by Nicki Minaj or the worst Never Been by Wiz Khalifa.

Never Been is the Laziest example of sampling and I hope the producer didnt get paid to make this for wiz because he literally took a song from a video game took 16 bars and just added a heavy bass line? don’t believe me ok. Here’s Schala’s Theme from Chromo Trigger

Here’s Wiz Khalifa’s Never Been

Just an exact copy with added bass. Super lazy and the reason I RARELY sample unless its from an original sound source or I mutilate the original copywritten source so drastically that it’s not possible to tell where it came from because if I don’t I legally couldn’t sell the instrumental. (unless I paid the copyright holder)Plus, Wouldn’t it be more fun to compose your own music instead of copy paste some else loop?

I understand the in  the beginning days of some music genres. Particularly hip hop, the pioneers sampled because at the time it was extremely difficult for people (especially in the Bronx, hip hop’s birthplace) to get the necessary equipment to create songs from scratch, but sampling from vinyl was easy. That excuse, however, is not defensible in the 21st century. Considering that there are numerous free or cheap programs (my first program I composed in Cakewalk Kinetic 2 $50 in 2007!) and the wealth of information Google provides about music theory and composition, Any form of lazy sampling is inexcusable…unless you have hundreds of thousand to pay record labels and copy right holders.

So yeah. There we go my views on (Lazy) sampling.

7 thoughts on “Sampling in Music: Creativity or Robbery?

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  2. Well said! It’s fun to hear familiar loops in music at a party but overuse and abuse are not OK. Being yourself and expressing your creativity through your work is always best.

  3. Sampling isn’t the problem, it’s the streaming for $.0003 etc. Heck the track is only $.99 and yet x-box, Spotify etc. don’t even buy it for the streaming.

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