Writing goals

Three main writing goals in order are
1) publishing a poetry book (check)
2) publishing a collection of short stories
3)publishing a novel (no sequels but I want it to be my magnum opus)

What are your writing goals?


26 thoughts on “Writing goals

  1. 1) Writing the most clear explanations on a variety of metaphysical teachings
    2) Writing in a way that empowers the reader to unlock their own highest potential
    3) Writing to satisfy my own cretaive hunger

      1. No books– brevity is important. Mostly the blog, workshops, and meditation sittings. In my genre there are so many books–I want to foster self-reliance and personal experience.

      2. True another book would be like a drop in an ocean. At least you’re getting out connecting at workshops etc. I need to do more of that and stop spending all day inside creating stuff >.< Sounds like a goal for the summer

    1. I am a regular reader of your dreams, hopes, posts and exploits
      Publishing a novel
      I published a novel called “Ashes for Salmon” on Createspace in November 2014 – available for sale on Amazon.
      Never published a guide book (though I have enough materiel to do so but I live in a town that no one wants to visit which is in itself a good reason to visit)
      Working on a poetry book with 20years of unpublished poems and lyrics.

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