Why Radio is Dead

My eulogy for radio


5 thoughts on “Why Radio is Dead

  1. I dunno, according to my Slacker station, Video Killed the Radio (Star). But jokes aside, really, you’re pretty much right on the money. There’s actually several factors though, cost of running a station (and playing particular songs), ease of access vs number of people accessing your station, the internet itself, and the sales model you hit on. Piracy plays into it to, but honestly, I think that webradio really bites more of the pie of broadcast radio than people who just strait up steal the songs. And to top it off, if you bought a new car today, chances are good that your car will come with Pandora or Slacker support built in, if not full support for whatever sound apps your phone might have over bluetooth. Why listen to a radio broadcast full of annoying ads and songs I frankly don’t like (or have grown tired of) when I can just tell my phone or car that right now, I really want to listen to some metal?

    For that matter, there are users like me as well. I live in America, but most of what I listen to now is in Japanese. There are exactly 0 stations I’ve ever heard of in the USA which broadcast Japanese anything (outside of paid services such as XM anyway). So if I want to listen to the J1 Top 40, for instance, I HAVE to use a netradio.

    1. James Revels Composer

      Great points I almost forgot about satellite radio. FM needs to innovate or shut down so we can get back a piece of the electromagnetic spectrum back and utilize it for something better

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