It’s official!

It’s official!! What is you ask? well I officially have my own place no more coming home to mamma!!! lol It won’t be out of state or city like I wanted, but it’s a start towards bigger things. I’m excited. I’ll be away from internet so I’m going to curate some posts from now and move in day on May 8th. But I’ll live close to the library so I won’t fall off the face of the earth I promise


15 thoughts on “It’s official!

    1. James Revels Composer

      You already know! Party all day and night! Lol sadly the first thing im going to do is set up studio and just record 5 to 10 minutes of silence to get a feel for the rooms natural ambience like the hardcore audio nerd I am lol

  1. God bless the child who has his own. Congratulations! When I was single I lived alone for 15 years. And if you can, don’t even get a roommate, it’s not worth it.

  2. Now that you’re leaving home true freedom beckons. Enjoy and make the most of moving day, the day afterwards your parents will be having a nightmare wondering if you’ll be okay on your own. I’m sure you’ll make it.

    1. James Revels Composer

      I am. I dont officially move in until may 8th but rent and utilities are paid and ready. What’s next in short term. I’m going to study more math to use with music. Make a bunch of james unedited or lets play videos to upload in bulk since I wont have in house inteenet. In the long term I have been slowly working on my next project “A,000,000 miles” that I want out late 2016 or 2017. Its going to be how I imagine it being once I’m free to travel on a million miles journey. I have the first track farewell on .YouTube and iTunes. I got 3 songs already written, taking time on the instrumentation and lyrics because I want my next album to be a well crafted classic as opposed to a rushed mess.

      1. You are a perfectionist! This sounds cool. Keep posting great stuff till then. Thanks for the info. May you meet success on every step of the way!
        Good Luck!

      2. You’ll really make a big name someday, I can see that. By the way, who’s your favorite composer among the best ones (apart from you, of course!)-Enrique Iglesias? Backstreet Boys? Linkin Park?Blue?Paramore? Cheryl?…

      3. James Revels Composer

        Junichi Masuda. He is composer and director of the pokemon franchise. In my opinion he is the best his music is so dynamic and varied especially for the 8 bit era when I was introduced to him. I like his uses of chord changes and complex ornamentation using chromatic tones.

      4. Seems a terrific choice! Of course, I forgot I am talking to an exceptional composer having the experience of all this! Also to mention, I am a Huge Pokemon fan:)

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