1991 Was The Most Groundbreaking Year In Music, As Backed By Science

Something to strengthen hip hops role in the evolution of the music genome


Here’s a fun topic to drum up conversation, which year was the most influential for music? That is, can you pinpoint a specific moment in time that altered the way music is produced and created? Researchers from Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London undertook this specific task.

In a report from the British paper The Independent, the study grouped 17,000 hit songs by patterns of chord changes and tone that researchers could quantify trends through signal processing and text mining to analyze properties of each song.

The study found that 1986 was the least diverse year in music, with 1991 being the most revolutionary year in popular music. In 1991, hip-hop exploded onto the charts and influenced music in an unprecedented manner. 1964 and 1983 were also cited as major “revolutionary” years for music.

As far as the legacy of the “British Invasion” being the turning…

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