Allstate, Amazon and Book

So a week ago when moving into my apartment I get this tweet from Allstate  Twitter account insurance saying this


I was skeptical but I saw the official blue seals that Twitter gives celebrities so I sent a message with my email then got this


I was shocked and excited and happy as all hell lol. By the time I got it I had already bought most essentials so I contemplated long and hard on what I wanted to do with it. I didn’t know until yesterday when I went to my cousins graduation. She majored in math, so I showed her a screen shot of my “musicometry” (I would’ve posted pic but phone is having trouble with uploading the image. I’ll post some screen shots in their own dedicated post)
We talked briefly and realized how fluent I really was in math because we understood each other perfectly. Although a college drop out myself, this year would have been the year I graduated, regardless of that fact I’m proud of myself because I published a book and moved out on my own so far this year.
What does this have to do with the gift card? Well, I want to get books, because I want to spend the next years writing a math dissertation and there are subject which I know the basics but I wish to explore in depth. So I need your help suggesting books. I’m looking for books on topics (in order of most importance) such as category theory, intermediate to advanced logic, dynamical systems, adaptive systems, network theory and abstract algebra.
Here’s a little snippet of my current book collection

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