Library of Alexandria 2.0

If you read my post on allstate and the amazon gift card, heres an update I’m using the gift card to buy books. Pictures will be posted as they arriveI love non fiction. My dream is to create a library of the best books on science art math and music I got a good start so far.  My dream book is “the schillinger system of music vol.1 & 2l its a rare music book from the 50s or 60s that describes joseph schillinger’s more mathematical approach to music. Both volumes together usually costs $300 so that’s a goal for the long term



Here they are stacked by subject. Here are my books on writing, music,linguistics, miscellaneous science and art


Here are the math and self-help/miscellaneous stacks

What are your favorite books?
Know any good books on S.A.M.M.? (Science are math and music)

9 thoughts on “Library of Alexandria 2.0

  1. I loved reading about music theory, though my knowledge of the subject is limited. When I used to play guitar I had a book of scales. Learning the pentatonic scale really helped me develop dexterity in my figures and develop the ability to improvise in any key. I was amazed to discover how much of a role chord progressions played in music.

    1. James Revels Composer

      Oh yeah chord progression is vital. they imply what notes and rhythm the melody tend to follow. I find intervals amazing. Especially how dropping a note one half step changes the entire chord feel from happy to sad.

  2. I like all kinds of books too. cool title for your post. If I could recommend a book, I believe anything recent from Stephen Hawking would be good. Ken Wheeler has a good, free downloadable pdf book you can get off his youtube channel about magnetism, which is pretty awesome. His channel goes by the name of The Angry Photographer.

    1. James Revels Composer

      Thanks and I need to check out some hawking books. Did a report on him in elementary school and he’s brilliant. I’ll have to checkout the magnetism pdf next time I go to library. I have books on electricity, but haven’t gotten to magnetism yet. My knowledge of that begins and ends with Farraday.

      1. It is downloadable from his youtube page, The Angry Photographer. I do not know if it is a book registered with any library, but it should be. 🙂

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