The last of the books arrived!

So my 6 book order from Amazon final arrived in its entirety.


Topoi is about a newer branch of abstract math called category theory
There’s a intro to logic book.
A math book on set theory.
A book on algorithm design.
A book on differential geometry which is differential calculus on 3 dimensional space.
Welshs synthesizer cookbook is about sound synthesis.
I’m working on a couple super secret projects for next upcoming few years and these books should help spark some ideas or at very least make interesting reads

4 thoughts on “The last of the books arrived!

  1. Very nice! I’m a mathematician by profession(that’s what my degree says I’m). I worked with knot theory for a brief period. I recommend you to buy and study a lot of Algebra (the basics, groups, rings, equivalence relations etc. ) first, before entering Topology. It is a quite nice collection! Have fun.

    1. James Revels Composer

      Thanks! I love abstract algebra! Especially group theory because music scales, modes, and composition are just permutations of 12 notes and their sequences. I have a book on topology. I half understand it. a lot of the concepts are a little hard to make association with. Hopefully these new books might spark the connection. What is knot theory about? Tying knots?

      1. a knot is an abstract algebraic concept. I don’t know how to explain in simple terms. Sorry. Take a look at Wikipedia. To a non mathematician it may appear that we are talking about knots that you see in real life, like shoe laces, but for a mathematician is a complete abstract problem.

      2. James Revels Composer

        I think I saw something in my intro to graph theory book similar to this. So from what I gather from wiki. its a sphere folded over itself so that it is continuous and doesn’t have ends like a physical rope. Is that about right?

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