3 thoughts on “Studio Rules

  1. Love it! My best friend is a producer/engineer, I worked at his studio for a while and this shit drove him INSANE. Also, notes: “hey, uhh at 1:35 can you speed up the tempo, then bring it back down at 1:58?” or “hey can you turn up the *insert the instrument of person talking here*?” or “you’re not going to keep that beeping in the track are you…?” [of course not, idiot, it’s a metronome; maybe if you practiced with one we wouldn’t be on the eighty fifth take.]

    1. James Revels Composer

      Lol the metronome question would cause me to shut down my computer and take an hour break. The worst I had was a year ago a friend who took 50+ takes to record a verse he claimed he had “memorized” and then days later ended up using rewriting verse anyway. I wouldn’t mind if I was compensated but it was out the kindness of my heart because we were friends and I told him to have it memorized. He single handedly inspired 3 of 4 rules lol

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