9 thoughts on “The World of Forms Logo

  1. I think this is a gorgeous picture, but as a logo, it seems a bit too busy. Logos tend to be very simple, clean, and understated. Also, imagine having to print that on letterhead or having to have it on every official document. It would be a bit of a printing nightmare. Still a gorgeous picture though.

    1. James Revels Composer

      Thanks and True for letter heads would probably simplify to that middle flower of life pattern or use my pyromaniac productions logo cause nobody should really pays too much to letterheads since its the letter thats the important part :p. When it comes to digital promotion or flyers I’ll use the full one. I designed it to be opposite of what most people think of logos. Plus creativity is complex dirty and very dramatic. It’s meant to make you contemplate it and think on it so the logo has a deeper personal meaning and sticks in memory as you unravel each layer slowly.

      1. I think that there is more complexity in simplicity, but reducing it the flower of life pattern would work pretty well as far as logos are concerned. I get wanting to do something different, but if your intention is to create something that lasts, simplicity withstands the test of time. The most elegant math formulas are the simplest, yet represent the most complex abstract thoughts. I feel that a logo should do the same, but perhaps that’s just me.

      2. James Revels Composer

        I agree. Depth over complexity in design does last longer. Though I guess you can say my goal is efficacy over longevity. Everything will eventually end so I’m not going to waste effort fighting entropy. I want to focus on the creations created and the people mentored to be the legacy as opposed to the symbolism it, especially since I’m currently a one man team I don’t want to split my energies. Thanks for the advice and suggestions 🙂 definitely will keep in mind as the idea grows because I’m not against the idea of refinement.

    2. James Revels Composer

      Wait! Actually I have a colorless version thats just outline of a shapes. Boom! letterhead problem solved lol

  2. afternoonofsundries

    Cool idea! We had to learn about Plato’s philosophies in college (for our music education degree). The idea that we are just shadows of perfection elsewhere is pretty wicked.

    1. James Revels Composer

      Right! I loved philosophy class. Just wish there was more eastern stuff. My college textbook only had one chapter that squeezed lao tzu, Confucius and buddha in one. >.< I've always been obsessed with plato since the allegory of the cave! Its such a powerful story

      1. afternoonofsundries

        It really is, I remember reading that too, and we also were assigned Aristotle’s Republic for music history in college. I didn’t take a philosophy in college, I took Geography instead. I do remember reading about the Eastern Philosophies, but in high school!

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