Micro Speech: Play On

Been practicing my writing skills by making short speeches I call micro speeches. Here is my first one. It’s titled “Play On”

One day we’re all going to die. Life’s drama will end and all actors will bow before exiting stage right for the last time. We fear death. Panic attacks are conjured at the mere mention of our ephemeral existence, but I’d like to invoke a new attitude towards death. A view that inevitable termination is liberation rather than oppression.

Death renders everything meaningless. Every person, every event and everything will eventually pass on. This is great news. Every embarrassment, mistake, and regret you ever made and ever will make is guaranteed to be scrubbed clean. So, what’s there to lose? You’re already destined to have every memory, object and relationship stripped away at death. So, why hold back?

Life’s like a board game, in which, all the pieces return to the box. Everybody wins, death is the prize and how you play doesn’t matter. So play on and play hard.

12 thoughts on “Micro Speech: Play On

  1. jensenempire2551

    i love the idea of the Micro Speech; however questionable about some of your thoughts, as to not remembering your experiences when you die;

    Now ifinn you are one of the choose for lack of a better word, memories stay with you, it is part of life’s experience, to be remembered if you wake after death, my hope is that everybody wakes, so far, have not seen differently only few wake after death, the rest become dark-matter floating throughout space, while others move on to new rules no type of existence….

    What’s after that i have not looked forward enough still have the hope there is away for all to move on, not will to give-up a dream that all have the same opportunity, there is plenty of room in in dark cold empty space for all!


    1. James Revels Composer

      Thanks and you can say I take my idea to the logical extreme. I believe people live on temporarily in memory, but eventually humanity will go extinct or lose many mementos overtime.so since erasure of life’s canvas is inevitable might as well play with the paints. So, I play on and play hard.

      1. jensenempire2551

        What do mean humanity will go extinct?

        Now i’m of the believe there has been so many take off world, how could become extinct?

      2. James Revels Composer

        Humanity will eventually end like everything else. We can postpone it by moving to said worlds but we’d just be fighting entropy. How we go extinct is unimportant because there are near infinite possibilities. I find it a lost cause to try to live forever because nothing in nature does. Even stars die and galaxies devoured by super massive black holes. Nothing wrong with trying to survive for a long time but lets not delude ourselves into thinking humanity can live forever.

      3. jensenempire2551

        Sir, when i die, i will take my time to wake-up again…

        Because when i wake, there will not be any thought of sleep, no longer held by human form, i will venture to see everything an still never see it all…

        i hope that i don’t forget the fight i have been dealing with for all to wake after they die…

        Because i just don’t buy it, that not everybody get to move on…

        Ask an aztec?

      4. jensenempire2551

        Humanity man go extinct, but humans will go on forever…

        If we were not held back by ghostly beliefs, humans would have been a dominant power in throughout space..

        As is we cannot get off the planet, if that’s what you believe…

      5. James Revels Composer

        I believe we can get off the planet now, but doing so is only postponing our inevitable demise. Humans are already the dominant power of the universe. Nature is the dominant power. We are made of nature thus making humans the dominant power already. Plus any “power” or major accomplishment humans have are via manipulation of nature. We are already sufficiently aggrandized. We only want power in order to be more united with the whole of nature again. There’s no way to do this holistically (other than death) so we manipulate nature in an attempt to feel connected to nature physically then invented religion and philosophy in order to feel connected mentally. I believe life’s like a dance. It’s beautiful and enthralling while it lasts but eventually the music ends to make room for the next track. Play the same song over enough times and eventually everyone leaves the dance floor.

    2. James Revels Composer

      my goal is not to live forever in memories but live temporarily in the eternal here and now. I guess that explains my seemingly pessimistic debasing of memories lol

      1. jensenempire2551

        My memories will come in handy, when i’m no longer in the human body, we have so great senses, we may not have these in the human conscience, when we evolve..

      2. James Revels Composer

        When I leave the human body I want to devolve to an astroid because then I could just enjoy drifting in space; Unencumbered by the memories of the past and indifferent to the progression of the future. Evolution is sooo overrated lol I have a nostalgia for those amoeba days

      3. jensenempire2551

        There so much empty space, you may drift what seem like forever hoping to spot something coming your direction.

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