James Revels Video Game Composer

My dream has always been to composer music for as much media as possible. My favorite being video games. I love game design. I always play board games, card games and video games with friends throughout high school and to this day. 2 years ago I started a project to create a game using RPG Maker but due to circumstances I had to cancel that project but I never cancelled making music! Here’s some of those old instrumentals from that RPG project. Also stay tuned because at Noon today I’m releasing a new instrumental titled “Wanderlust”

If you have any advice or help on how I can achieve this goal let me know.

Ofuda Curse. This was the battle theme for Ofuda Cave.

Scorpio’s Rattle. This was supposed to be the overworld theme named so by because…well I’ll let you listen to find out.

Guardian Angel. This was the character Gabe’s Theme. He used the element of light and saved the main character when her village was attacked.


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