3 of the Week Premiere

So I’ve been collecting up eargasms through exploration and suggestion and decided that sometimes waiting once a day just isn’t enough. So I decided to start a podcast project called “3 of the Week” where I feature 3 eargasm that I loved during the former week and I post it to my soundcloud leaving link to the artist featured in the description. Check it out and tell me what you think! This week I’m featuring my homie Nature, as well as Dej Loaf and Cartoon


3 thoughts on “3 of the Week Premiere

  1. dope man!! hey I was just wondering if I could link this soundcloud to my website?? I’m trying to create a website that enables artists (mainly indigenous people) to be able to express themselves and possibly expose themselves to the world, the website still needs work but I’m just really interested in this music thats being produced!! its actually really dope bro!! but yeah if you type in “mindofthenatives.com” you’ll be able to find the site. I have a few of my bros soundclouds linked there, have a listen if you want!!

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