Ear Training Day 1

So I realized I’m boss-mode at music theory but my ears suck at hearing it 😦 so I’ve resolved to train my ears daily for 30 days or more so wish me luck.

Based on this I’m so tone deaf to sixths especially the major one *super sad face*
Due to results of first part of training I’m did practice on the sixths and here is he results

4 thoughts on “Ear Training Day 1

  1. Thank you for sharing. We live in this world where so much of our lives hinge on social media and the internet, and everything is at our fingertips almost instantaneously. While it is awesome, the Catch 22 is that it also builds this unconscious need for and expectation of instant gratification. I think all of us often unconsciously extend this expectation to ourselves and others when it comes to skills in a particular medium, and it just doesn’t work that way. Beethoven and B. B. King once knew nothing about music. Maya Angelou and Stephen King once knew nothing about writing. They all had to learn and practice continually and habitually to excel. Just as we do, making leaps and bounds and moving on to new and more complicated learning curves over time. The way I see it, we should never stop learning, and should always encourage others to do the same. That’s how we grow.

    1. Agreed. The greats were once lay person’s in their respective fields and people sometimes get discouraged or think it’ll be too “nerdy” to excel and learn more. I JUST watched this video a second ago talking about how “money doesnt buy pleasure skills do” (here’s link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwuuAPsE9UQ) and I wish our culture admired skills and intelligence rather than how it is now. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hey James, I was wondering what you’re using for the training. I’m working on finally learning an instrument in my own life too (the bass guitar) when I realized that I can’t tell the difference between a lot of the notes to my ear. I’m sure a lot of that will change as I practice, but I never took a music course in my lifetime besides a single semester of chorus, so resources to help me, particularly as I’m self-teaching, would be outstanding!

    Thanks and good luck in your own studies!

    1. That app is called “my ear trainer” but a great website that has theory and various ear training exercises Is musictheory.net good luck on your musical journey! Oh I also watch “creative guitar studio” on YouTube he does pretty good lessons on theory.

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