Ear training day 10- Harmonic Intervals

Today’s day 10 of ear training and day 3 of harmonic interval training I got 56% up 5% from yesterday’s 51% I’m slowly getting to my goal of 90%


8 thoughts on “Ear training day 10- Harmonic Intervals

    1. Great question actually. Only a douche would be offended. Having trained ears allows you to compose the melodies in your head more accurately. I passionate because I can’t play an instrument proficiently so I over compensate with music theory and ear training.

      1. I own both a piano and guitar. I use guitar occassionally for live sounds and my piano to practice my own piece,s only thing is that I improvise on top of what im practicing and end up making entirely new songs unintentionally >.< as for genre I want to write experimental electronic music. Something of the ambient sort so I can recite some poetry over top, but I also love making orchestra pieces especially piano or string heavy stuff.

      2. Yes the pentatonic is a very useful scale. Guitar is so hard sometimes I feel like my fingers are on fire when I practice scales on it. My favorite major scale would have to be the Lydian mode because its the only diatonic major scale to have a tritone and my favorite minor scale the phryigian mode because its dark and eerie but not as unstable as the locrian.

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