Ear Training Day 11 – Harmonic Intervals

Day 11 of Ear training and Day 4 of Harmonic Interval training or guessing the distance between two simultaneous notes. I’m up 9% from yesterday with 65% whoop! 90% here I come!



One thought on “Ear Training Day 11 – Harmonic Intervals

  1. The best music course that combines interval training with the ability to really play an instrument has been: http://www.mrnatural.net They have this “intervalometer” that you can make to sit on the back of your piano keys. (I have made two, one higher than the second so I can modulate between them through their “trap doors.”) Although their whole course takes you “back to kindergarten,” it has a purpose: all of the simplest tunes are numbered by their intervals. Thinking in intervals also allow a short-hand notation, (really handy for composing!) As you play these really simple tunes by interval, your fingers lock into the spaces that equal the intervals on your instrument. (Makes transposing a breeze too. I can read notation in one key, while playing the tune in another on the fly.) Then after your hands “get” the intervals, you transition from the intervals to traditional music notation by numbering the notation patterns at first. It teaches you to recognize these patterns on regular notation without translating in stages. Besides making much sense in theory, it’s much easier and faster to learn to actually play.
    Mr. Natural has also got an “intervalometer” for the guitar too, but he hasn’t manufactured those in awhile. You might encourage their people to make the guitar booklet ones available again, because the same patter-making interval concepts work on the guitar as on the piano.

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