Freewrite 09/19/2015 – A Dark Sider Treading Light

Last night at work I had a shift that ended at midnight and it was dead and boring so I wrote this poem on a piece of receipt paper

A Dark Sider Treading Light

By: James Revels III

I’m a dark-sider treading the light.
My pride’s the monster in the night; A boogie man.
Where I stand on this quick sand pit, hard headed like a brick. Watch me build a mansion where I sit.
I’m extremely moderate the lifestyle of the meek, sleek in modesty, rich in honesty. Mediocrity it bothers me.
This flow is in my vein: capillaries, arteries.
Chisel out my path through these forest trees like carpentry.
Goals are bulls eyes gaining mastery in archery.
Circuitry made if paper sheets watch me solder reams.
Fame and fortune not the family is the modern dream. There’s nothing wrong with that. As long as we face the fact.
Instead of make it up and redress it like a Barbie’s back.



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