The Theme Creation Challenge Day 1 – Celebration

So today I decided to begin a “Theme creation challenge” where I attempt to make a memorable 1 or 2 minute theme daily, but there’s a catch! I can only use the type of noises available on a game-boy.  Lately, I’ve been listening to my favorite composer, Junichi Masuda, the composer for Pokemon games and I pondered how he could make such compelling and beautiful music even though the sounds of a game-boy are god awful. Well, I saw this video on YouTube by Extra Credits about video game music and they said the reason why a lot of older game music is so memorable is because of the limited sounds a game console could make. They even said most older games could only play 4 lines at a time, so composers had to focus on memorable themes. So, I decided to get similar practice that my favorite composer had and created this challenge. Here are the rule.

  1. The theme has to be at least one minute long.
  2. I can only use 4 instruments mimicking the game-boy’s limitations these 4 are: 2 pulse-wave synths, 1 noise generator, 1 drum kits with slight distortion to retain the chip-tune sound.
  3. I can use any effects on sound as long as it doesn’t ruin the chip-tune feel.

Without further ado here is “Celebration” My first theme. There is also a piano version below I posted on youtube for those who can’t stand the sound of chip-tune but it’s lacking the percussion.

Here’s the piano version


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