Daily Music Making Challenge Day 4

So I life & work got in the way yesterday and wouldn’t allow me time to post my daily composition so here it is. “Friendship”

I decided to begin a “Theme creation challenge” where I attempt to make a memorable 1 or 2 minute theme song daily, but there’s a catch! I can only use the type of noises available on a game-boy. That way I can practice in a similar limited manner as my favorite composer began, Junichi Masuda, Composer for the Pokemon games. There is also a piano version I posted on YouTube for those who can’t stand the sound of chip-tune. It lacks percussion but in exchange you can see the notes being played. If you like it please share and definitely leave a comment with feedback. I’d love to hear your opinion.

Friendship (Visual Piano version)

Friendship (Original chiptune version)

6 thoughts on “Daily Music Making Challenge Day 4

  1. Video working on my wordpress now. Good stuff, sounds more like a gm module piano than a gameboy. I like chiptune too. You should check out the music from gremlins 2 the new batch for the nes

    1. Thanks for the listen and the suggestion for music. I’m always looking for something new to wet the ears. The video is the piano version so non-chiptune people can listen while the original version is the embedded bandcamp player. To the gremlins 2 Soundtrack I go!!!

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