Euphony vs. Complexity

As a lot of you know I have been doing a daily music creation challenge on my YouTube channel where I create a short theme daily and I have gotten some interesting responses especially from other professional and amateur musician’s a like, but they tend to revolve around the idea the “Euphony to Complexity balance” or  basically, how much a pleasant sounding should be sacrificed for complexity and vice versa. A year ago I would have leaned toward the complexity side because I love to listen to complex song such as video game music made by Junichi Masuda or ZUN and they use tons of beautiful embellishments but now, especially after doing this daily challenge, I am more on the side of euphony. Music is about the listening experience whether you are a musician or not. Too much euphony leads to a boring, sterile piece like some (not all) pop songs. Then there are arcane pieces like classical music , which are heaven for a high level music enthusiast but are like trying to read ancient Greek for the casual listener. I’m aiming for a perfect balance of repetition and catchy while still experimenting with clever new ways to implement  deeper theory into the mix.

What is your take on it. Are you side Euphony or COmplexity?

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