Overcoming Creative Blocks

Everyday I post a daily short music composition to my YouTube Channel and sometimes I’m asked “How do you keep from getting creativity block?” My answer is to create despite the block and have the attitude that your creations are a form of expression as opposed to something to show off and be loved. Let me explain, most people I talk to say they hit a block say they feel like what they try to make isn’t “satisfactory” or something that isn’t worth sharing. What prompted my daily music making challenge was that I would start a piece and it would sound good but I would think to myself “Is it catchy enough?” “Would people like this?” or “Does it have enough bass”,etc. until I realized that I don’t make music to show off my music skills, because there will always be someone better. I also don’t make music for everyone to love it because that’s unrealistic and sometime people don’t even know what they want themselves. I make music to express myself through my auditory imagination. It’s like a poignant poem, but instead of words I use sounds. In conclusion, If you are blocked keep creating even if it’s a short disorganized mess make it any because you never know it may be the next diamond in the rough, but you’ll never know if you abort the idea prematurely.

7 thoughts on “Overcoming Creative Blocks

  1. Jules Strawberry

    Here here! Great message. I like to let blog ideas “perculate on the back burner” sometimes. Others, I write down for later. When I post a blog that isn’t quite perfect, sometimes it’s very popular! And if nothing else, practice makes perfect, right?


  2. What a positive attitude. Long ago in Junior high my friend gave me the same advice regarding poetry and I’d never thought of applying it to music!
    Today i went thru a ton of old songs. I am surprised at how much i used to write and how much of it i still have fun playing.

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