Ear Training Tips

So, you want to be a musician or a listen who want to take their music appreciation to the next level with ear training. You also want to do it as effectively as possible. Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

What is Ear Training?

The best way to describe ear training is “music theory for the ears”. It trains your ear to recognize crucial music theory elements such as intervals,chords,scales,etc.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips I found online and from experience.

Consistency over Quantity: They say it’s better to 15 minutes everyday for a week than cramming about 2 hours of practice into 1 day.

Variety is Key: There are a variety of types of ear training each one giving your ears a different set of skill so it’s best to cycle between them to lessen fatigue as the training progresses

Have Fun and Ignore the Score: Most ear training sites or apps keep track of your training results and scores. Ignore them! It’s fine to post up the results because I do it occasionally, but don’t take them to heart because a 90% one day cause be a 70% tomorrow. What really matters is the test itself, not the result.

Ear Training Sources

Musictheory.net has not only ear training exercises, but other music theory exercises as well.

“My Ear Trainer” is an app for Android and iOS that is an awesome ear trainer that I use. It may only do ear training,but has more test types for ear training than musictheory.net.


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