Is Pop music holding you hostage?

So I was watching the idea channel on YouTube and they ask an interesting question, Do you like pop music because you genuinely like it or because you have been convinced to like it through marketing. It’s a very interesting conversation. I do believe the current model of how music is marketed is a little annoying. They play the same 10 or so songs every hour on radio cycles. (When I was in 7th grade I used to always wait an hour to listen to “Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy on the Radio. It never failed) Then spam the songs every where else, such as TV, retail etc. I say it’s like the child who tries to get his parents attention with by repeatedly poking them and annoying them. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Is Pop music holding you hostage?

  1. So, I personally think this is absolutely at least partially true. I know some songs that I loathed until I had it beaten bodily into me that this was a good song. To an extent, the entire Dubstep subgenre falls into this. It is a neat subgenre of D&B, but I am astonished that it became as popular as it did. Meanwhile, how many of us know WONDERFUL songs which totally never made it big simply because they couldn’t get air time?

    1. Low key pop music hold me hostage. I remember last year spotify showed my top 3 most listen to genres it was pop, electronica then hip hop. I was surprised I listened to more pop than others. Plus the tune are so catchy sometimes

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